How To Sell a Script – Find a Script Consultant With Connections

Finding yourself a quality script consultant is an essential part of understanding how to sell a script. It can take time, but there are definitely a multitude of benefits to doing so, including potentially selling a screenplay. The one that is most apparent is that you are hoping that they will be able to recommend your script to one of their connections, preferably one who can actually get the thing green-lit and off to the races. But there’s an often-overlooked second category, and sometimes this fact is just as important:

Two script consultants, both of whom can be equally as connected in the industry, might give very, very different feedback on the same exact script.

This is an incredibly important thing to understand, as a consultant might mistakenly tell you to get rid of the very thing that makes your screenplay stand out, the one thing that makes it the most marketable in the first place. The important thing to remember here is that this is largely an art, not a science – the consultant will not always be right in terms of how to sell a script. In cases such as these, it is always advisable to go with your gut instinct, and there is no law against seeking a second opinion in situations like that as well. If the two opinions are divergent, then you will have to ultimately choose what you think is best for both yourself and in terms of selling a screenplay.

As far as choosing a script consultant goes, look at trying to find one that suits your specific needs – many consultants are specialists in one specific thing (character, marketability, etc.) The point is to find someone who works for you and can help you accomplish your specific goals, whether that be how to sell a script or something else related to screenwriting in general. One thing you should definitely do is thoroughly vet your potential script consultant. Here are a couple of questions that you should ask them before procuring their services:

Are they capable of focusing on your specific needs regarding your screenplay?

What exactly do you specialize in?

Are they available for discussions and clarifications regarding their notes and other general questions you may have?

What is their overall process, especially with respect to notes?

A good script consultant is not a proofreader or editor – their job is not to simply point out typos and grammar errors and make corrections accordingly. Their job is to help build your script up by adding insight that comes from years of experience in working in the industry that you do not have – after all, that’s what you’re paying them for, right?

How Management Consultants Can Find The Right Partner For Digital Marketing Execution

Management consultants provide an advisory service to organizations ranging from small to enterprise by assisting managers or executives. These consultants strive to solve management and business problems, identify and seize new opportunities, enhance learning, and implement changes in accordance with their organizational purposes and objectives.

While management consultants often have a wide range of business and technical skills along with a strong pedigree and amazing portfolio of past projects, they simply can’t do it all. At least, not successfully. In fact, many management consulting firms only provide their clients with the blueprint and map for how to accomplish the objectives they defined in the scope. But think about how much an organization can change in a matter of months (or even weeks) – the time it might take the project to come to completion. While Management Consultants excel in strategy and vision, they are often exceptionally weak at execution and “getting the work done”. There are many reasons for this: coordination, project management, brand standards, creative… and the list goes on.

Management Consultants are right to stick with what they excel at, but they often need a partner to work alongside them in real-time to ensure the work they recommend is actually happening – and is being measured and improved upon on a regular basis. So what should Management Consultants look for when choosing a digital marketing partner to execute their strategies? Here are 5 of our top recommendations for these consultants to keep in mind.


Establish the standards expected before starting with a new partner. How will you be able to communicate? Will you set a daily/weekly touch base meeting to stay aligned? How will they work with your client? Ask how frequently you can expect to hear from your marketing partner.

Great marketing services should actively work to achieve established goals. Ensure that goals are aligned and that you and your client have access to reports and customizable data to ensure you are obtaining the desired results.

Avoid agencies that are vague about the services provided or try to conceal their methodology. Ask what specific steps will be taken to improve your marketing campaigns.

When you are ready to leave the agency are you able to take the information with you? If so, how will it be delivered to you? Will you have full ownership, or will your marketing partner also have access?

There are many different specialties across the world of digital marketing. Just like you wouldn’t hire a plumber to fix your car, you may not want a web designer to manage your digital marketing.
Digital marketing is a rapidly changing industry. Make sure you are working with a provider who uses the latest marketing technologies.
Selecting the right digital marketing partner to execute on the plan is crucial for success, and should be done in tandem with the strategy – not months later. For more information on how a digital marketing, check out Torchlite, which combined industry-trained specialists with proprietary technology to make digital marketing easier and more effective.

Make the Best Out of Your Personal Branding Consultant Services!

The competition could hit anyone from anywhere. It could be out of the industry, within the industry or within oneself. Here, shall we discuss on how these three insurgencies strike any particular person or company, and what would be the role of a personal branding consultant in these situations:

Outside the Industry

A person may be from a particular industry, say for example a textile industry. And due to the steep and continuous growth or downfall in the parallel and non-parallel industries – such as the energy industry, or hardware industry, or even service industries like telecom; the company in the picture could bear the effects in minimal or greater extent. There could be an impossible number of combinations pertaining to this, but only for better understanding, here we take the hardware industry.

The relation between the textile industry and the hardware industry would merge and complement each other when it comes to the machinery needed for textile printing. If the machines needed for textile printing are not being manufactured efficiently, owing to some deficiency in procuring the machine’s hardware – that supports the built; the textile company could also face unknown consequences. Its prints could get inefficient. There could be a drop in the quality of the prints.

But, here’s where the role of a personal branding consultant comes into the picture. Consulting them results in the CEO’s ability to foresee the changes that are about to hit the market so that he/she is prepared to face it. It also helps the manager to face the consequences with a calm and a composed head.

Within the Industry

Only competition could rise within the industry or there could also be a dull performance in a particular year – owing to the changes in the policies of the government. A personal branding consultant prepares one’s mind-set of how to face dire consequences and how to maintain and retain the in-house public and the clients. Labour union problems may also arise. Here, the manager must have a commanding personality to gain everyone’s favour by being diplomatic.

Within Oneself

It is obvious that one can never be in the same energetic mood all the time. But, this must not affect the people working around you. If you have taken training under a personal branding consultant then, you must have developed the art of hiding or mixing personal emotions with the profession. This helps in building ones personality and gain favour from the colleagues.

Achieve Food Safety Management System Certification With the Help of ISO 22000 Consultancy

The Food Industry is faced with a growing need to demonstrate its ability to control safety hazards and contamination. To overcome this major complications related to Food security ISO 22000 Consultancy helps in providing the Food Safety Management System (FSMS) Certification based on ISO guideline which is quickly becoming the accepted compliance standard for safe food production worldwide.

The ISO 22000 FSMS Manual provides a framework to demonstrate compliance with applicable statutory and regulatory food requirements. By complying with ISO 22000:2005, a company demonstrates that their system meets the requirements established by suppliers, customers and other parties in the food chain and guards against contamination that may enter the food chain from multiple points.

ISO 22000 Consultancy services for Food Safety allows any company to formulate best practices and optimal standards to establish a formal FSMS policy regardless of size or geography. Within this services identify and provide the guidance and the tools required to accurately and efficiently determine and specify the requirements of the organization.

Implementing ISO 22000 Food Safety Management System with help of ISO 22000 Consultancy represents a major effort because ISO 22000 Consultancy is a leading food safety certification body provider, with accreditation for globally recognized programmes in food security system. ISO 22000 Consultancy specifies the requirements for a food management system that combines well-recognized key elements to ensure security along the food chain, up to the point of final consumption. The highly rich experienced auditors of this Consultancy can work with to guarantee products are produced, prepared, packaged, distributed and certified to the highest standards of food security. To improve processes and performance, which can help to grow business and become more efficient ISO 22000 food safety Consultancy specifies following requirements to an Organization-

To plan, implement, operate, maintain and update a FSMS aimed at providing products that, according to their intended use, are safe for the consume,
To demonstrate compliance with legal and regulatory requirements for safety,
Evaluate and assess customer requirements and demonstrate compliance with customer requirements by agreement relating to food security, to improve customer satisfaction,
Effectively communicate issues to their suppliers, customers and stakeholders in the food chain,
To ensure that the organization conforms to its stated safety policy,
To demonstrate such conformity to relevant interested parties, and
To seek certification or registration of its food safety management system by an external organization, or make a self-assessment or self-declaration of conformity to ISO 22000:2005.

Achieve Energy Challenges With the Help of ISO 50001 Consultancy

Effective energy management isn’t just good for business; it’s also becoming a requirement now a days. And the best way to achieve Energy Management System Certification is with ISO 50001 Consultancy. This international standard outlines energy management practices that are considered to be the best, globally to overcome energy challenges.

Targeting broad applicability across national economic sectors, it is estimated that the standard could influence up to 60% of the world’s energy use. So here ISO 50001 Consultancy provided to get more and more benefits and reduce costs for all organizations from large and small, in both public and private sectors, in manufacturing and services, in all regions of the world. The main goal of ISO 50001 is to provide public and private sector organizations with management strategies to increase efficiency by reducing costs and improve performance.

Certification provided with the help of ISO 50001 Consultancy is based on the ISO management system model familiar to more than one million organizations worldwide who implement standards such as ISO 9001 (quality management), ISO 14001 (environmental management), ISO 22000 (food safety), ISO 27001 (information security). These features enable organizations to integrate energy management now with their overall efforts to improve quality, environmental management and other challenges addressed by their management systems.

ISO 50001 Consultancy specifies Organizations that they must integrate an energy management system within the organization in conjunction to establish and instigate an energy policy, objectives, targets, and action plans, which take into account of legal requirements and information related to significant energy use to deal with major problems occurs related to energy system.

ISO 50001 consultancy provides a framework of requirements enabling organizations to -

Develop a policy for more efficient use of energy
Fix targets and objectives to meet the policy
Use data to better understand and make decisions concerning energy use and consumption
Measure the results
Review the effectiveness of the policy
Continually improve energy management.
One of the biggest shifts that found within ISO 50001 Consultancy is that it is result of going through energy management system of various Organizations, improves energy performance, and gets major aspects certified under a third party. Among this kind of initial feedback including the benefits of having a cross-functional plant management team from the global clients goes beyond for operations or engineering means management system that becomes a shared responsibility, and that makes it much easier to incorporate significant changes in use.

John Mills has published so many articles regarding ISO 50001 Certification Documentation. As ISO Consultant profession since last many years Shaun has rich experience in preparing such certification documents within ISO guideline to his global clients to acquire better ISO Certification Solution to their Organization.

Starting Out With Online Consulting, Part I

There are many great occupations available to you and online consulting is no doubt one of those. However, getting started in online consulting can be quite difficult but by doing the proper research available to you, you will be able to find many helpful ideas on helping you be a success with your online consulting career. The best way to get started with your online consulting is by simply asking other people about what they would expect from a online consultants services. Those people have the ability of giving you the very best advice and the most honest suggestions that would help benefit your online consulting business.

When you are talking to others about your online consulting business, always remember to be very specific when providing them with available services that you have to offer to them, for whatever purposes they may have. Noone is going to hire you as their online consultant if they do not know for sure what it is that you can do for them. For your businesses sake, please make sure that you are detailed with the information that you provide to the potential clients when speaking with them about your businesses services. In the beginning it would be a really good idea to offer some services for free, just to get the word of mouth out there to all of the potential clients.

You are basically attempting to sell your services to these potential clients, just as you would try to do with any other type of business or products.

4 Things Successful Consultants Can Do to Diversify and Make More Money

For many years of my nonprofit consulting practice, I lived a “feast or famine” lifestyle. Have you been there and done that as well? Then you know exactly how it feels to be snowed under with so many deadlines that you can hardly see straight OR you’re desperately cold calling every agency in town hoping they need what you have to sell. And – you’re willing to offer your services at a deeply discounted rate if they’ll just pay you something.

In 2009, after a long-term contract with a nonprofit that I dearly loved ended because the new board president felt that my job could easily be absorbed by the executive assistant (I know, right?!), I knew that I had to rethink my consulting strategy. I had become too self-reliant on just one revenue stream and I never knew where my next client was coming from.

In 2010 I launched my first website. I treated it not as just an “online brochure” but one built to make money for me in addition to my consulting jobs. Pretty soon, I was able to ditch the “done for you” service model of my consulting practice and now run the business coaching others how to do the work they were paying me to do instead of me doing it for them.

This model works so much better because it eliminates the income ceiling of trading dollars for hours, I can serve many more clients and I have much more freedom. This is considered more of a coaching model of doing business.

Want to turn your present model of consulting around on its head and make money a new, much more fun way? Here are four tips to help you make that transition:

Get clear on what it is you can do for people – Get clear on who you want to work with and what you want your client to have as a result of your coaching. Spend some time thinking about what it is you enjoy doing for people and the result that you always want them to come away with.

Instead of you trying to find clients to do a service for, you’re now concentrating on finding clients that instead want you to teach them what you know so they can do the job themselves.

Build a community – Find others that are wanting to learn what you know and build your own following to always have someone to market to. I continue to do this by offering something of value to my potential clients and marketing that through social media channels, blog posts, forum postings and articles. In exchange for them getting this valuable information I had to offer, I only asked for their name and email address on my website. This quickly built my list. It also gave me permission to market my coaching services.

Keep in touch – So, if you have a list of potential clients then the next step is for you to keep in touch with them. Continue to offer good information through a newsletter or the sharing of your blog posts. Show your community that you care about them.

Consistently make offers to your list - While all the while being of value to your community, you’ll also make offers. Instead of offering “done for you” services though you’ll be offering some sort of coaching package where instead of you doing the work for someone, you’re now training them how to do the work for themselves. You’re empowering them to do what you already know how to do.

What I just shared is really just the tip of the iceberg – so much to teach you, young grasshopper! In the resource box, you’ll find how to find out more and receive much more information. I hope that you’ll seriously consider a new way of doing business.

Business Technology Consulting Firms And Their Services

Enterprise software applications are rising at staggering rate. More and more companies are looking for agile solutions to streamline their operations to expand their global footprint. Software development and business technology consulting companies are busy in developing and designing enterprise-centric, coherent solutions to improve enterprises’ abilities. Enterprises also seek strong yet flexible applications to stay ahead and carve their own niche in the business stratosphere. Software development and consulting companies focus on a wider spectrum of innovative technologies to create an ideally helpful software solutions or applications that can enhance company’s image and fulfill the clients’ needs.

Highly adroit, experienced application developers and programmers offer their help in business application development, e business solutions, iPhone app development, e-commerce website design, and complete IT consulting services. They extend their unwavering help to fulfill the particular needs of the companies. Their intuitive technology software solutions focus on your pain points and give a suitable and research-based solution. Developers and programmers use specialized tools, resources, frameworks, and platforms to strengthen your business structure.

Some of the most important services offered by technology consulting firms are as follows:

Custom Software Solutions

Experienced developers and programmers analyze the needs of your company and draw a model to propose you a practical system that is specific, coherent, and budget-friendly. Upon your accent, developers and business analysts kick-start the project in a professional way. They use several high-end platforms (e.g. iOS, Android, Windows Phone, etc.), to develop the basic framework of the software solution.

Application Development

Software developers and programmers develop suitable business solutions, mobile apps to streamline the decentralized business processes. This enables competitive advantage for your company and allows it to expand its broad scale operations. They develop powerful, robust, flexible, secure, reliable, and fully featured applications that allow business aims. These applications will simplify business complexities and offer end-to-end facilities in an amazing fashion.

The best advantage is that business application development experts develop low-cost yet smart solutions that will bring quality in the executions. Software consulting firms also give custom-fit managed IT services to better cater the needs of the growing businesses. Businesses also need an IT consulting firm to discuss their growing challenges, concerns and develop a perfectly versatile, innovative, aligned, and creative solution that will improve collaboration, automation process, business operations, and overall workflow. The promising solutions not only improve capabilities, but also remove bottlenecks.

Today, software and IT consulting firms also recommend holistic & advanced enterprise applications and software solutions over traditional, because advanced solutions are measurable and allow companies to make critical business decisions quickly by using real-time information. No doubt, business applications offer truly competitive advantage to the businesses.

How Can a Sports Betting Consultant Help Me Make More Money?

We can come up with a long list of reasons why you need to engage the services of a legitimate and reputable sports betting consultant. Firstly, your daily schedule may constrain you to spend enough time each week researching and analyzing players, games, statistics and other critical variables.

You have to consider this checklist if you want to hit the ground running when you launch your sports investing.

1. You have to be wary of promises that are too good to be true. Even the best sports betting consultant cannot guarantee that you can earn a fortune from sports betting in the short term. If you feel that their proposals are overhyped then the best thing to do is to move on and consider the next candidate in your shortlist.
2. Verify and check their track record. No sports betting consultant can boast of a spotless winning record. The best consultants will have their share of winning as well as losing streaks. What you need to look into is their overall performance in the past. You need to compare their wins against their losses and the overall stability of their betting system. Those who have been engaged in this kind of business for some time already are your best bet as consistency of their wins is what determines their existence and survival.
3. You can say that you are dealing with a legitimate betting consultant if they are transparent and open when it comes to critical data and information about their performance and sports betting picks. Their advice and leads must be supported by critical variables and statistical data related to team and player performance and historical trends.
4. If a sports betting consultant has the tendency to adopt arm-twisting methods and come out to be a hard-sell, then such consultant is not a good choice.
5. Compare their rates with the current price trends. If a betting consultant is charging a higher rate, then you have to make sure that you are getting enough premium information and returns to cover the upward price variance. You have to understand that you may not be able to enjoy a good ROI if you are going to spend a considerable amount of money for the services of your betting consultant.

You have to rein in your pace, and no matter how reliable and credible your betting consultant is, you should not bet more that you can possibly absorb in the event that you lose. Manage your bets and make sure that you have a long term “game plan.” Practice due diligence and you will surely find the best choice when it comes to betting consultants.

Five Key Factors To Look For In An Great Network Marketing Consultant

Multi level marketing Specialist are now a popular form of help in today’s multi level marketing business. There are many fine ones and also many not so good ones. You as the specialist seeker need to know what quality to look for in a network marketing specialist, prior to spending your money on any particular one.

You should know that some network marketing consultants are actually MLM marketers that say they are coaches. You must understand that consulting is a career and profession that demands many things. Being a multi level marketer does not automatically qualify one as an expert, even if they have had great success in MLM in the past. Maybe they were just in the right place at the right time and with the right people. That can happen also.

Here are 5 items to look for in a competent multi level marketing specialist.

1. Years of good work available for assessment.

Any up to par multi level marketing marketer specialist will keep years of work available for any kind of query and assessment by future customers. They do not have a thing to be secretive about. The accomplishment speak for themselves.

Be sure to ask them if they have previous clients you can reach out to. Previous specialize work records can represent the discrepancy between in what return you get on your investment. Pay attention to what they have done in the past not what they say they have done.

2. Check for their credentials.

What type of documents they have that would make it acceptably you spending your money with them? How knowledgeable are they about multi level marketing? What type of work experiences they have in the past? Do they have experience in the right field? Have they previously run a business? What type of qualification do they have?

Credentials are important in modern day network marketing consulting. This is not only for you but also for the results you seek from an network marketing consultant. Most consultants have a portfolio they can show you. Ask for it and study it.

3. Look for professionalism.

Professionalism is a must in any field of consulting. Do they come across as a professional? Do they speak as a professional? Do they communicate in a professional manner?

Being a professional speaks well of a consultant. Do they do their business with a smile on their face? These questions will tell a lot about an network marketing consultant and how they will handle things in any future venture.

4. Problem solver.

Do they ask questions that are focused on your problem, or questions that are focused on being a consultant?

There are several queries that advisers ask that are all part of being an MLM adviser. You are looking to hire them to solve issues, not just be a adviser. Be sure their queries are focused on getting you ahead, not just creating consultation.

This is what MLM Advisers get paid for to solve issues, not to engage in a ineffective Practices.

5. Experienced in the network marketing business.

It’s fact that there are network marketing advisers that have never spent an hour in the multi level marketing sector. They have never recruited anyone. They have never sold a imerchandise in MLM. They have never held a Company Event for a team. They have never done a presentation around a kitchen island, or a home meeting. But yet, they consider themselves as an MLM advisers.

Be sure that the MLM adviser has some familiarity in the sector, as that alone brings a huge amount of knowledge that many do not possess.